Grassroots sports clubs both locally and nationally have once again been thrown into disarray with the latest tiered Covid restrictions.

Trafford MV were looking forward to a restart, albeit with revised laws, adapted to reduce the level of prolonged contact during the game.

Match play was intended to restart on Jan 16 with the Club playing in regionalised mini leagues to cut back on travel outside of localised area’s and thus minimise risk. This will now be postponed until further notice.

Trafford MV players have continued with low key training on a weekly basis to date within permitted RFU Guidelines in the hope that the chance to play games was just around the corner. Now this seems ever further away as the number of covid cases soar.

In addition to the lack of on field activity clubs have also been badly affected off the park too. Clubhouses have been closed for the best part of a year and the clubs main source of income has been lost. No Club or private functions have been permitted so the key financial earner has been lost totally.

The Club has been indebted to members and sponsors maintaining their commitment to the cause.  

The big task for the Club in 2021 will be to maintain and reinvigorate the interest for the game, especially at lower team level as players have been attracted to other activities on their Saturday afternoons. On that front the Club ,as always, invites local rugby players, and also those who might like to get introduced to the game, to get in touch with and join in preparations for the games restart.

Trafford MV introduces young children, boys and girls, from the age on 3 years to the game through a range of multi-skill activities suitable for all sports.

This then leads into tag rugby followed by contact rugby when the children are older and conversant with the skills and techniques of the sport. From age 11 years are girls have a separate section which has grown rapidly over the last 12 months.

At adult age levels the Club has women’s and men’s rugby with all teams playing in localised North West Leagues. The senior teams play at a good competitive level of localised rugby whilst the 3rd XV offers an opportunity for players young and old to enjoy a more social side of rugby. 

As regular competitive rugby become a challenge MV has an occasional Vets XV for over 35’s to lace up their boots and put on the war paint for an evenings floodlight rugby again in a more sociable, although competitive, environment as players relive their youth. Older still we have have walking Rugby for over 50’s or for people totally new to the game who might like to get a taster in a minimal contact version of the game at a slowed down pace.

Trafford MV sends out a message of Good Heath and Mental Wellbeing to all its players, friends and supporters for 2021 and invites all local sports people to come along and introduce them selves to the Club.