For so long now we have told you about the doomsday scenario that will hit Partington once all the housing developments were built, we also told you that it would not take long and we have been right about that!

A scheduled meeting next week will see two previously approved housing developments have a second hearing as Trafford Planning committee link up once more.

The two housing developments both now in the hands of housebuilder ‘Countryside homes’ which will see over 400 new homes built at the back of Hall Lane and on the banks of Manchester Ship Canal will cause more harm than good, already great harm is being done to Partington with the Heath Farm Lane hybrid housing development in full swing.

Something like 600 houses and apartments at Heath Farm Lane is tragic! yes we agree that the economy in Partington will increase, however what’s the point if massive queues start forming outside shops? even the takeaways will struggle,, what about the kids? schools in the area are almost at capacity, schools elsewhere are at or nearly at capacity.

We have heard councillors agree that every new family that comes into Partington their child will have to fibnd a school in Warington or Salford, this is a disgrace to even be thinking like this, new families deserve better.

What councillors need to understand is when they approve a housing development they need to look at other housing developments that have been approved, look at what existing residents have and then make a decision, so far this has not happened and why the village will be taken from Partington and the nightmare from what we have always said will be a reality.

We have only one plan left, a joker card that we will throw on the tabl, the last throw of the dice to stop the rot! we cannot do anything about houses being built however they need to be filled!

Our campaign starts once we know the result on 21/01/21 (if the meeting goes ahead) Partington is a really nice place, we know about the struggles and from the many people we have asked over the years they all feel under represented by those that they voted for, let down and forgotten for decades and now they are trying to finish Partington off once and for all! not on our watch!