YHG site on Oak Road in Partington: google

A change in the conditions for Your Housing Group’s application to build 75 new homes on land on Oak Road means they will have to contribute to the Carrington Relief Road and possibly demolish 75 of properties in Partington.

The housing development has already been approved however a section 106 has been added which we are told is normal for any housing development.

We think the relief road will not do much for Partington residents and will take a long time to build, ‘If’ it’s ever built!, any money that is agreed by Your Housing Group and the council must be used for Partington residents and a consultation period should commence soon to get some feedback about what Partington residents want.

The land where these houses and flats will be built is where Redbrook Pub once used to operate from and the land where horses was kept next to it, although Partington needs flats more than houses, existing and new people will find it impossible to shop anywhere in the area.

The Oak Road shopping centre needs to be pulled down, and we would like to see YHG use money and get other funding to build a proper fully secure shopping centre on the same site, this would make a huge difference.

Work is scheduled to start very soon on the housing development, and at this time we are not aware of what flats or houses YHG are planning to demolish although it is likely to be around the Tulip Road area.