Former BBC North West Tonight presenter Gordon Burns was among more than 800 patients who received the COVID-19 vaccination on Saturday (January 16 2021).

The former BBC North West Tonight presenter and host of the Krypton Factor Tweeted: “Today for me the light at the end of the tunnel got a lot brighter! Happy to say I got my COVID-19 Jab.” 

He praised the “very well organised and efficient service” at Altrincham Health and Wellbeing Centre where last week more than 1800 patients of Altrincham Healthcare Alliance’s five local GP received the vaccination.

Thanking the team of clinicians, staff and volunteers for their hard work he said that having the vaccination made the “future look brighter” and he hoped it would enable families to soon be together again adding he was “keen to cuddle his grandchildren ASAP”.

Also among patients at the COVID-19 Vaccination Service on Saturday was James Taylor from Hale who was celebrating his 80th birthday. He described having the vaccine as “the best present.” Having experienced COVID-19 last year, Mr Taylor added that he was keen return to normality and saw the vaccine as the best way to help this happen. He added: “What a super birthday present. It gives us all hope for the future.”

Last week more than 1800 patients received the vaccine from Altrincham Healthcare Alliance PCN which includes Altrincham Medical Practice, Park Medical Practice, Shay Lane Medical Centre (Drs Kelman, Cranston, Naylor, Pathak and Haslam), St Johns Medical Centre and West Timperley Medical Centre, over two days.

All ‘over 80s’ and those in the network’s care homes have been vaccinated and this week, the team from Altrincham Healthcare Alliance will be vaccinating more than 1600 patients on Thursday and Saturday including all their housebound patients and working through those in the 70+ age groupings.

Dr Maz Sangha, Clinical Director of Altrincham Healthcare Alliance and GP Partner at St Johns Medical Centre, explained: “The teamwork is fantastic. GPs across the five practices, plus ex-GPs and clinicians are working tirelessly along with staff and volunteers, including the British Red Cross, to deliver the vaccine to our patients. 

“Over two days we’ll be vaccinating 1600 patients this week and our wonderful team of clinicians will be heading out to hundreds of housebound patients while others will be administering the vaccine to patients at the Health and Wellbeing Centre. 

“Patients are eager to receive the vaccine as quickly as possible and we’ve been contacting them as soon as the vaccine supply is confirmed which can often be at short notice. I’d like to thank everyone for their patience and hard work. We’re committed to working non-stop to enable our patients to have the vaccine as soon as possible as many see it as the first step towards a return to normal.”