The land on Hall Lane and on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal in Partington will now be made ready for 550 new homes.

In the meeting held tonight on 21/01/21 several things were talked about, yet new roads, shopping and medical infrastructure was not! and we feel this is as important than education and ecology.

Some of the councillors were worried about what schools all these new kids will go in once they have moved into the area, the only school that apparently could cope is Broadoak, however the primary schools will not, and even more

The housebuilder will give £451, 000 towards education, this though will have to be split in 4 ways, how can any of the councillors think that this bit of money will make any difference is beyond us.

Altrincham Green Cllr Dan Jerrome liked the development and the 380 new trees to be planted, he did not say anything about education, shop or medical infrastructure, only the Carrington ‘Link’ road was spoken about and it was great to hear him repeat many peoples thoughts about the rise in congestion and pollution.

A resident spoke about privacy issues and the roundabout at Hall Lane, we agree with the resident that it needs to be sorted out, we ask residents in that area of Partington to contact local councillors and your MP to get this resolved, maybe the share of the £37m that the power station gave to Partington years ago can now be given back to the area!

Partington will look very different in the coming couple of years, the frustrating thing for us is no councillor can think about all the other housing developments before decided to support an application, common sense is all at sea at Trafford Planning it seems.

We argue and make a valid point that if a councillor or several as in this case is incredibly worried about school places for new kids then how could they support an application? this is as serious as the road situation and everything else in Partington.