People are fleeing the City Centre in favour of leafy Urmston according to Vitalspace.

With the media focusing on Covid-19, you will likely have heard that there is a mass exodus from the heart of large cities. It would appear as though owners of contemporary city apartments are fleeing urban centres and moving to the suburbs of Manchester for more rural, safer setting.

Given the events of the past year, this isn’t a surprise. People are selling up in the city centre and moving out to a more tranquil and aesthetically pleasing location. One of the areas that has welcomed people and families is leafy Urmston.

Remote working has driven change in property market

Remote working has been a mainstay of everyday life in the past year, and this is likely to be the case going forward. Many people will no longer have to spend most of their time in their city centre office which creates a greater sense of freedom in where people can live.

Commuting into the centre of Manchester from Urmston is easy. In the right conditions, the journey can be driven in around 15 minutes. Probably one of the reasons Urmston appears to be in favour.

Living in Urmston offers the best of both worlds. If you need to be in the office on occasions, you can do so. If you want to go to the city to socialise or be entertained, it is not a hardship. However, you also feel removed from the stress that comes with city centre living. Director of Urmston Estate Agents, Richard Antrobus commented: ‘’We have seen a noticeable spike in house hunters moving away from Manchester City Centre in search of large, detached family homes. This movement is also supported by a decrease in activity in the City Centre property market.’’

This new flight to the suburbs is clearly benefiting the nation’s homebuilders, who have seen a much quicker recovery from Covid-19 than expected.

Spacious and greener surroundings

We’ve all likely examined our living surroundings in the past year. Most people want more space at home, and they want to spend more time in the open air. Large cities are losing their lustre, while smaller towns feel like the wave of the future. It seems a harmless enough trend. After all, what could be bad about getting more fresh air and space to take walks?

Manchester city centre is a fantastic place to live, but many of the apartment aren’t the biggest, and many residents lack access to a garden or suitable open space.

With three large parks in Urmston, you have every opportunity to enjoy green space close to home. If your thinking of moving to Urmston, why not get in touch with the guys over at VitalSpace

They will be more than happy to help where possible, and can be contacted in many ways, which means you can connect with them from the comfort of your own home.