Site where 400 new homes would have been built: Google

Partington and indeed Warburton residents can be feeling a little biit happier today as the proposed 400 new housing development on Warburton Lane has been refused by the Planning Inspectorate.

Redrow first appealed the decision by Trafford Planning who ‘incredibly’ refused the application and off it went to an inquiry the result of which went against Redrow.

Ten reasons were given for the refusal from Site design to bus services and road infrastructure, having read documents the biggest reason for refusal was because the housing development was to be built on protected green belt land that has a medieval past.

The historical part was incredibly interesting with help from expert archaeologists from Salford University and others are claiming that now Warburton Park was actually a deer park although despite all of what could be buried Redrow did not investigate and so it was concluded that nothing of national importance is buried at the site.

Transport links were spoken about and the poor transport links, and although some widening of Warburton Lane and Flixton Road was to take place it was obviously not enough, in the report the Carrington Relief Road was talked about, according to the document it says their is a huge funding gap for the road and house builders need to give more money to the scheme.

Public transport is poor and it seems the intentions of keeping the CAT 5 service will have helped, we disagree, Partington needs a proper bus station built and with more buses running from it!

On conclusions Inspector Christina Downes was not happy with the applicant (Redrow) and found even what they gave back to Partington and Warburton was of limited weight.

Inspector Downes said: “My judgement is that the adverse impacts would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits.”

This news is huge for both Partington and Warburton, it does nothing though to stop all the other housing developments that will soon swamp Partington, it is though just a bit of good news we are delighted to share with you.

The report also reveals that the small roundabouts are not good enough and needs improving, at a recent planning meeting a Partington resident on behalf of other residents wanted Countrside Homes to fix the Hall Lane roundabout and sadly was rejected, this decision must now change.

The decision also must now mean the Manchester Ship Canal housing development should be brought back to planning again and refused as it is on green belt land, it will cause privacy issues, many more cars on the roads, no new shops, or medical infrastructure, and no school places for the kids.

It is concerning that no house builder ever thought of these basic of things and sadly for Redrow they fell at the second hurdle.

We would like to thank everyone for attending the inquiry and more so to Warburton Parish Council who have represented not only those from Warburton but for the good people of Partington, they also objected to the housing development now passed to be built on the Manchester Ship Canal.

You can view the full report here: