Dog theft: Could it be more than just a local thief?

Photo by Jayden Burdick on

We are full aware that dogs being stolen is on the increase, in some areas at an alarming rate!

Looking deeper we found many dog walkers was not aware of a thing called vivisection, and from what we have read no mention of it.

Vivisection has actually been around for a long time, where people from big pharma or elsewhere go out for specific breeds of dog that the feel would be perfect for the testing, they also take cats!

Testing as in being held by straps, injected just about everywhere, ointments in the eye leaving them blind, all to keep humanity safe from viruses and lesser ailments.

These animals often die on the operating table in incredible agony, with only the fond memories of what once was a time of love and attention, and so on.

So next time your pooch or cat goes missing remember it might not be the random thief selling the animal looking for his next fix, it might well be something very different!

A petition has been seen, it does not say anything about vivisection and it really should do!

We are animal lovers here at News4rafford and want and end to animal testing which would end vivisection in an instant.

For this moment we ask you to keep an eye on your dog or dogs, many dogs have been pinched in Trafford, let them roam but close to you, this is the safest way to ensuring your pet comes back home with you in normal circumstances.