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A Poverty Emergency motion was passed last night at a council meeting, apparently the first of its kind in the UK.

All councillors supported the motion and spoke at length about the issues apart from Trafford Tory leader Nathan Evans who believes the ‘Poverty Emergency’ will make no difference and did not support it.

With Partington being the most deprived area in Trafford along with Old Trafford, Bucklow councillor Adele New made a very rare appearance and made a small but detailed statement on the poverty issues in Partington.

As we understand fully what the good people want and need in Partington, it seems our friend Adele is doing all she can to put things right all be it with blinkers on.

Adele though is doing a lot of work with making sure the kids are looked after more so during the pandemic, doing what she can to make sure those in desperate need get the help they need and for that we are incredibly pleased with, sometimes media criticism motivates people.

Poverty in Trafford will increase, more people jobless, more people on Universal Credit which we continue to believe should have never come about, since nothing was wrong with legacy benefits other than how much people got.

The government have made things really hard well before the pandemic, now poverty will increase all over the UK because of the pandemic, Trafford Council has shown some balls to be the first council to call a ‘Poverty Emergency’ however remember in December 2018? when the council called a ‘Climate Emergency’ nothing much has been done.

Whilst we are happy about the motion we agree with Nathan Evans that it will do little to change things, things his own party helped create.

We have lost many vital services in Trafford, no mention of mental health services! which now has probably sunk, we ask all leaders to make sure those that need help get it! we know many who got regular help are no longer getting help and so will start to slip.

Our Last independent mental health drop in ended last October, this place although for us seemed poorly run was ideal for a variety of people with a range of mental health issues who did not want to always be around lots of people, in a fairly good environment, it was a place where some would call it a second home, a place that gave confidence to them and some hope and of course advice.

Poverty not only hits people in the pocket it hits everything we have, all things need looking at more so in Partington, and acing upon to reduce the stress just a little.

We are though not confident with Trafford Labour with these ‘Vote winning’ tactics to make the public think they are actually doing something, that they care when its nothing but spin, a trick on the public that in these times is a trick gone wrong, we will hold the council to account and keep a sharp eye on what they do with poverty.