Fly tipping in Partington

Partington has had some very large fly tips, the one just of Chapel Lane is the biggest we have seen to date in the area, we reported the fly tip in the picture a month ago, and nothing has been done! and now another fly tip nearer to the road is growing bigger.

It is unknown who’s land the rubbish is on, however the fly tip should have been sorted out by now, political councillors must know about this and should be pushing the council to get it all removed.

More fly tipping can be seen further East just off Sinderland Lane near a bus stop where a larch couch and a fridge freezer can be seen dumped with pillows everywhere.

The problem One Trafford may not have fully understood is when someone sees a fly tip and not removed they think the unthinkable and dump more stuff on top, and so it will continue.

It is not fully known why people do such a thing, maybe they can’t be bothered to go to the tip or think the rubbish they have will cost them to dump it, the truth is that you can dump up to 2 tonnes of household rubbish every year FREE! at either Woodhouse Lane tip or Stretford Tip.