Smishing is simply a scam text that looks so good even trained eyes can be fooled by it, the text will be from your mobile phone operator or even from your broadband provider, do not panic if you get one, the problems come if you click a link.

The text on the left in the picture is genuine however the text on the right is the scammers address and many people have fallen for it, Three-UK mobile network have since issued a scam warning as it seems people have clicked the wrong link.

If you have clicked the scammers link and entered any details, first thing to do is change your password as soon as you can, alert your bank and then alert your network.

We thank the Three network for highlighting this issue and hope the information presented here helps customers of all mobile phone networks and of course broadband providers to keep safe.

It is like the email phishing thing, most people are now savvy to this fraud, making sure its the right site, always enter the website you want to shop at, if you see a bargain through an email do not click it, simply jot down or remember what it was and the firm promoting the bargain, then type out the URL.

Using common sense by not clicking links in texts is the way you keep yourself safe.