HS2 comes closer to Manchester as phase 2a from Birmingham to Crewe gets royal assent

Phase 2a Birmingham to Crewe map

Whatever you may think about HS2 high speed railway it will happen and is coming ever closer to Manchester as phase 2a from the midlands to Crewe gets royal assent.

Phase 2b is up next meaning Warburton and Partington will have to put up with a mega amount of noise and light pollution along with it even more traffic congestion.

Warburton is a historical place, green spaces and has a tiny settlement, they have a Parish Council that cares about Warburton and the people, HS2 is going to change things for ever.

Despite our concerns HS2 have actually been very nice to us and even moved the track away from Partington a little, the moving of the track also helped save a mound where its believed a monk’s graveyard is situated, we was delighted with this since disturbing a place of rest was not good.

The views of the new bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal will be a dream for photographers and train lovers everywhere, these are the only positives we can find.

It will be much different for those in Warburton and Partington, the only thing you can do is either get double glazing and buy vibration dampeners which will help keep things happy at home, during the summer months though it might be somewhat different.

The vibrations of HS2 can already be felt, time is now to prepare for the nightmare in your imagination is just about to become a reality.

Boris Johnson said: “Today is a landmark moment in our infrastructure revolution. HS2 is the most significant expansion to our national railways in a generation – transforming connectivity between our towns and cities and vastly increasing the capacity of our rail network. By proceeding full steam ahead, we are delivering on our commitment to unite and level up the country.

“The construction of Phase 2a will support thousands of jobs and create opportunities for local businesses as we build back better.”

HS2 Ltd CEO, Mark Thurston said:  “Parliament’s approval for extending HS2 beyond the West Midlands to the North is a clear sign that MPs recognise the enormous potential of this scheme and continue to give their strong support.

“As the first major railway built in the North for over 100 years, HS2 will spur massive economic growth for our towns and cities, help to level up the country, and provide cleaner, greener public transport for millions. As construction starts, this new phase of work will very quickly support 5,000 jobs in the North, with many more in the supply chain, further cementing HS2’s critical role in Britain’s economic recovery from the pandemic.”