Partington: Tulip Road flats to be demolished and 75 new houses to be built on Oak Road

Oak Road Partington: Google

Your Housing Group application to build 75 new houses on Oak Road that was approved last year was brought back to a planning meeting tonight 11 February 2021.

It was just a simple change of conditions where the housing group will be contributing to the Carrington Relief Road which no one wants.

Residents and even the parish council submitted objections to the plans, however only one councillor objected and it wasn’t Partington councillor and now planning committee chairman Aidan Williams.

For Partington residents watching the live stream or reading this it must feel like the councillor was no longer representing them, however he has a good point in that the Tulip Road flats have been in a bad state for decades, damp, freezing cold even with the heating on, poor soundproofing, security issues and lots of other issues, they should have been bulldozed a long time ago.

The housing group are right to be bringing them down, and building new houses, although we have no idea just yet what will replace the flats, likely more homes will be built in a future application.

What residents have rightly objected to is having money going to the Carrington Relief Road, this money should have gone towards things to help with existing property that needs some much needed upgrades, bulldozing Oak Road shops and building a similar one to the one on Central Road, this would have helped support local people.

Any new money gained should be given back to the area no a relief road, a consultation would have been a much better plan by the housing group to see what residents wanted, not what they wanted!

To often we have said Councillors have not represented the people, that the council does not give a flying hoot! about the good people of Partington and tonight it was on view for all too see.