5G gets rolled out people are already getting familiar with 6G

The roll out of 5G continues here in the UK with much concern by those who understand the ‘technicalities and dangers’ however fears are now growing about 6G.

We are all aware about 5G and its ‘heating up’ side effects and a number of expected health problems once the higher frequency masts are operational.

6G will go way beyond 5G reaching a frequency so high it goes into visible light! at 3THz this will mean even ICNIRP will have to change the confusing guidelines that by the way! most definitely does not say 5G is safe!

If 5G can heat up an unborn child developing in the womb of a woman then 6G will cook it! even though it may still be non-ionising.

Ofcom will first auction of spectrum making millions for the government, with 5G in the process of rolling out soon the higher frequency masts and antenna will be deployed, this is when we will see health issues and odd things happening to our pets and even wildlife and insects.

We are currently advising Friends of the Earth about 5G frequencies and the decline in bees, we agree much of the damage is caused by harmful chemicals for agriculture however EMF’s can not be ruled out, reading from Nature.com they are also concerned about 5G and the higher frequencies.

All these issues with 5G and sooner or later in comes 6G and you can use your imagination as to what will happen, though only your imagination it really could be reality and a dangerous one.

A 6G summit is to be held in June 2021 https://www.6gsummit.com/ it will be an interesting summit, with that comes the very first 6G magazine which you can read here http://jultika.oulu.fi/files/isbn9789526225838.pdf