The road out of lockdown and probably a road back into it again

Scruffy Boris has to be brave

UK PM Boris Johnson today gave the country a route out of lockdown and the speech with the two crackpot scientists had some hope on the surface however sadly as ever the finer detail is much different.

Boris is either a bare faced liar or being controlled by the crackpot scientists, Chris Witty and Patrick Vallance have lost all respect by many people, yet they control Boris as does those in SAGE who have no idea about the economy.

We think the kids will go back on March 8 and other things will start to open up again, what needs too be done is to open up everything again at the end of April and not June!

Boris needs to show leadership now more than ever! “come on Boris” and get that hair cut! many people could be seen tweeting today, his bravery would give him much needed respect and could rescue his career although will newly found respect help him in a up coming public inquiry?

With over 16m people vaccinated and way more in the coming weeks it means people will no longer die with Covid, the idea being is to protect the elderly and vulnerable and this has been done, we can get the over 50’s vaccinated which is even better so it is unclear why Boris and his scientific crackpots are still concerned.

The country must not go back into any lockdown again, it cannot! even if FLU comes back on the scene after oddly vanishing into thin air, it does not take much common knowledge to see that Covid-19 replaced Influenza, infection rates then will go up during the winter months and Boris will be back on our screens if he is still the PM by the end of the year asking us to once more do things that saves the NHS.

With Boris finding things funny during a live press briefing it made sense to us what is really going on, people may have died with this virus and may continue to do so this is tragic, however many people died because of being psychologically damaged by a focused campaign by both the government and by chosen Media channels

Many people died from suicide, many more people suffering with mental health issues, many have been booted out of services and some then go on to end things, they are very unwell, no support, the cruel Tories took away the last thing they had here in Trafford, the only way to get any help and a comfort knowing they had someone who they could turn to.

Trafford Mental Health Advocacy Service had genuine people caring for those that did not have a chance if things went wrong, for help with debts and even getting about to interviews, the Tories cruelly took this away! however Labour have done nothing to bring it back, under their watch all the private drop in centres lost money to keep going leaving some very unhappy people in tears.

Had these things been funded and still operational Trafford’s suicide rate would have been much lower now! no one can be blamed for this virus, a little thought though to some of the most important and precious things that people value would have helped many people survive.