Paragon House Seymour Grove: Google

An application has been submitted by Cornerstone that will see the removal of 6 Vodafone and O2 antennas from the roof of Paragon House on Seymour Grove in Old Trafford and to be replaced by 9 Vodafone and O2 antennas.

This is a large amount of mostly 5G antennas we have seen, 30 cabinets will also be installed on the roof and elsewhere at the top of the building.

ICNIRP guidelines even the updated version does not say 5G is safe, it actually makes it more unsafe, for example with 4G or 3G did anyone start talking about the heating effects on unborn babies? did anyone talk about bees dying?

Exposure to EMF’s is time limited, and at a distance, 5G and all the rest are 24/7 and 5G being much more powerful the closer you are to it the bigger the exposure, the facts are councillors here in Trafford understand the dangers more so when the higher frequency antennas are deployed, we know its all about the money!

Trafford Council stand to make hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds from the 5G roll out, incentives will also be given, we think this is irresponsible.

5G has no place in society, we do not need it since 4G or even 4.5G was more than enough for everyone, some people are sensitive to 4G although because most masts are away from residential areas its not been such an issue fro, what we can gather.

We urge everyone to object to these masts and cabinets on Paragon House and you can do that easily by using application number 103384/TEL/21