Two options for the route of where the Carrington Relief Road will go has been identified, four other options have also been looked at and are being kept under consideration.

All options are fairly similar and could be abandoned if the owner of a bit of land on the A1 road does not want to sell it, if this was the case the council would need to issue a compulsory purchase order which would delay things for years.

If all goes well people in Partington and Carrington will have to deal with bigger congestion issues whilst construction is under way.

The preferred options:

Option 1 4.5 km A1 road to Isherwood road then down Carrington Road with improvements at the junction of Isherwood road and Manchester road, improvements will also be made at bankey Lane/Carrington spur

Option 2: 3.9km goes down the full A1 road and over Isherwood Road into green belt land and back on to Carrington Lane.

A public presentation will be available on March 22 and you can ask questions by emailing before this date, the presentation will be virtual.

If all goes to plan construction will start in spring 2023 and should be completed in Autumn 2024.