The end of Partington Social Club is within a few days as workmen demolish the building that for many offered entertainment and a place to meet and have a drink with mates.

In its place will be around 30 affordable flats and a car park, yet more houses for Partington to deal with however this type of property is badly needed in Partington as we believe all will be 1 bedroom flats.

The social club was a registered society in March 1965 and changed names a few times after, in its last days though before the arson attack that gutted the building during the early hours in January 2019, the owner had spent a fortune making the place look modern and an entertainment venue local people were happy to visit.

Once the fire had gone out residents may have thought it could have been saved as the outside of the building looked untouched however getting closer you could see how bad the fire must have been as everything was gone, all black and smelling strong of smoke weeks after the fire.

The social club though was put to good use even after being abandoned for a while a TV company decided the former social club would be ideal for a television drama called Traces which was about a fire at a club and people dying, with investigations by a made up company called SIFA.

A fitting end to what once was a social club many used and loved, and now it is being demolished for it will be no more, the memories will live on for some, the reality of it not being where it has always been will seem strange for most.