The troubled Co-op store at Brooklands in Sale is moving out! as we have reported in recent times and now we have a confirmed date as of when it will re-open at a new store just down the road.

On 19 March 2021, the Co-op will be open at the old Sainsbury’s local store on Washway Road, although it will be a much better place for the staff, logistical issues will cause some problems.

We have asked many customers and all have said “The new store is too small” however customers concerns about deliveries have been eased since Sainsburys had no issues simply because the store is that small they probably could get a delivery from Deliveroo that would be enough for a week.

We are aware of the problems at the old Co-op store at the back, and the problems with daily thefts and many hold ups and middle of the night break -ins.

The old store on Washway Road which has its car park on Stanley Mount holds many memories for local people and has brought people together due to the friendly staff members.

It is believed the store Co-op are leaving after many decades will be demolished.