It was early morning of 5 March 2021 (New Zealand), all was as normal people sleeping or working during the night and then with a blink of an eye everything changed, a recorded 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit 174km NE of Gisborn.

People woke up and ran out into the street for safety as everything was violently shaking all around them, we have spoken to someone from New Zealand who felt the quake and she told us simply “It felt like it lasted a long time” and “This one was the worst ever” and that was the 7.3 magnitude quake!

More large aftershocks were felt throughout the day in the area, the normality kind of returned, we guess in an area with a fault line right through a country you will be fully aware of what to do and what to expect.

A brief bit of time gave people a breather and hours later the earth shook again this time further away from mainland New Zealand on the Kermadic Islands with a 8.1 magnitude earthquake and huge aftershocks such as a 6.5 magnitude has just been recorded as we right this article.

Many Buoy’shave started to flash meaning a possible Tsunami off the coast of Australia and other places is likely, you can see live information on tsunami alerts here

Nearer to home Iceland has seen a huge amount of Earthquakes for weeks and nothing has changed today, the Earthquakes in Iceland seem to be getting stronger and more concerning all are around a Volcano.

We will keep everyone updated on the situation.