Mast location in Urmston: Google

Urmston/Davyhulme residents around Moorside Road near Crofts Bank Road will be alarmed to know that network operator 3-UK have applied to install an 18 metre 5G mast with 4 cabinets.

The area in which they have chosen much like all the others is not well thought out and will cause residents problems with health issues, constant buzzing at night, we also think it will cause issues for elderly people and those that are blind or have sight loss issues.

Political councillors are oblivious to the harm 5G will bring to the very people who gave them a chance to be a councillor however they have been helpful in most of the mast applications that have so far been refused by the council and so we ask residents of Urmston to get the support of political councillors to make sure this mast is also refused.


The mast that could go up will look dreadful with nothing anywhere near the height of this thing it will be seen for miles, it will be close to Davyhulme junior school, Old Crofts Bank Nursery, and of course will be in direct line with a park where children play, also in the immediate area are a couple of care homes.

All these people will be affected by this mast that sends out high energy beams, our main concern and worries are what is going to happen once all the huge 5G masts have been installed! next up is a MMWave deployment which Cornerstone (O2/Vodafone) told us will reach 27GHz.

On top of what we already have in the environment and 5G plus the MMWave (Millimetre) antennas, this is a massive increase in EMF’s and without question, this will cause people more so those that are sensitive to some serious issues, it will also cause our pets to become confused since they can see the beams which will cross through our homes, parks and just about everywhere you go.

Unlike just 4G which you can escape from 5G is going to be everywhere not just for a few minutes but every second of the day, we recently told you about why ICNIRP are talking in the guidelines about 5G heating unborn babies in the womb! and you may have thought it was just another mobile phone mast that will give you a better signal and faster download speeds! it’s much more than that!

We ask you all to object to the Moorside Road/Crofts Bank Road mast by emailing the council with application number 103462/TEL/21