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We have expert knowledge of Martial Arts and input from other martial artists to help keep you safe when the need to protect yourself.

The information in this article is simply to explore a way of not only helping women to feel safer whilst out and about, also to get fitter and more confident if that is something an individual needs, anything more serious we can only suggest to get help from police or someone who deals with problems you may be facing.

We have done articles for men also to join a Martial Arts club as let’s face it we all need to improve our safety these days and of course learning how not to get into situations in the first place, another article will be produced soon.

All Martial Art styles gives you a higher self-awareness and confidence after a small time training, of course your fitness will also improve.

Exploring the great world of Martial Arts could be confusing to some people since many styles exist, we have a guide for you to help choose, of course all Martial Arts styles are good.

Thai Boxing: this is a great Martial Art for all even children it will help with awareness confidence and protection

Aikido: This is brilliant for women as it is gentle although you will still get a good workout

Ju-Jitsu: One of the best Martial Arts around, it is like Karate, Judo, Aikido all in one, get good in this style for both men and women and you will find your self awareness, confidence hitting new heights.

Karate: Shotokan and other styles are great for building self awareness and confidence, you will find your fitness improving and of course you will have the tools to do what is needed in a situation to get away.

Krav Maga: This is a watered down military Martial Art, it deals with every situation, realistic training and we fully recommend checking out a local club.

Wing Chun: A brilliant Martial Art for a woman and a man, this art is great for defending the centre line, it deals with every situation through 3 forms, it is about common sense, sparring is great fun and controlled.

Ninjutsu: Yes you too could become a Ninja! its not anything like what you have seen on the silver screen, Ninjutsu is much like Aikido with wrist locks and rolling skills, it deals with weapons and is great for women to learn.

Tae Kwon Do: If you want to get good in kicking this is the art for you, both women and men can get dangerous after a while training in this style of Martial Art, remember though to learn how to defend and attack using all of your body.

Other Martial Art styles exist and all have good and not so good points, the traditional Martial Arts are great for all, however they were built on historical behaviour and ways of combat so you may have to find a way to integrate it in with a more realistic combat method.

Remember Martial Arts is for life not a month or a year, its more than a hobby, and if you never have to use anything learn’t this is because of the training, being switched on and forever looking around you will never be in a bad situation this is the great side effect of training.

Many good friendships and even relationships have come about through joining a Martial Arts club, its a way of life!

RIP to Sarah Everard who went missing in South West London and a police officer who is suspected of her murder after human remains were found in Kent and we send our condolences to Sarah’s family and friends