Work on the Heath Farm Lane and Broadway in Partington continues and more houses are near completion with a growing concern from existing residents about how are all these new people going to cope.

We all know about the infrastructure issues, even the councillors at Trafford planning know about the chaos that their own decisions are going to cause in the next couple of years.

Going around the site we found a unique walk way we had not seen before, local people may have already seen the marked out lane, we cannot think why the developer added this to the road that leads to a cycle path.

We are all for safety however we cannot think the lane is a safe one for children, much more is needed and it is hoped the developer adds more to this once the housing development has been done.

Looking further near to the front of the housing development we can see several houses now built some of which looked exposed which you can see in the picture below

Exposed wall could pose problems in the future:


We also saw what looked like a new road which was elevated to the left of the main entrance which was interesting, and of course, we expect the developer will add some crash barriers on the corner where houses are.

Despite our obvious concerns about this and all the other bigger housing developments these houses look very modern and can see people already looking to move into one, people have been seen looking at these new houses and we expect a big demand for them.

People will love Partington and the decreasing green spaces, the new residents will enjoy having to take the kids to a school in Warrington or Salford every morning then having to pick them up again in the afternoon, the enjoyment of being stuck in mega-sized traffic jams, the delight of seeing the smallest Tesco run out of food or the lines of people outside Heron and other convenience stores.

The doctors will be alright we are told! Yes, a couple more doctors will come along from Washway Road Medical Centre and make things better!

Looking back at the Heath Farm Lane housing development we hope the developer also takes a look at the state of Moss View Road and helps existing and new residents get the council to resurface this road up to where the school used to be and will soon be demolished, making way for yet more housing!

Partington’s existing problems have never been addressed, no entertainment infrastructure so no nightlife, nothing for the kids to do other than hang out in the parks or around the shopping centre, we can recall the plan for where the old and much-loved library once stood was for a themed restaurant to be built and a taxi rank! This would have been a great thing for Partington.