A Lidl store at Altrincham Retail Park could be approved next week after we see documents saying officers recommendation is to grant the application with conditions.

This is the second attempt by Lidl after we contacted the German firm asking them to come back with an approved application, watching live on the Trafford Council YouTube channel the first application was refused for next to nothing! and councillors swaying so much it felt like being on a ship sailing on 25ft waves.


This time Lidl have come back with a much better application that means councillors will find it hard this time around to refuse, the egress from George Richards Way was a problem and has now been looked at and fixed, the sequential test was the biggest problem however this also seems to have been sorted out, although even if they have a store further into Altrincham, the new Lidl store is located in an area where many people from all around Trafford and those coming into it will use.

We understand some residents are not happy and have objected due to the possibility of noise pollution and parking issues, we think part of the conditions will put that right.

Lidl will be a huge success at Altrincham Retail Park and we will look forward to seeing them operate sometime next year, it will also create jobs and even save some, its a win win situation for all.

We will be showing live coverage of the planning meeting on our Facebook page next Thursday scheduled for 6pm.