Homelands Road Sale

We have continued to monitor the situation regarding tree felling in the borough and as of now the council’s tree felling game has gone out of control.

Trees that are a danger to the public due to them being dead or diseased need to come down, branches also can pose a danger however many trees being felled are healthy and are needed to protect us from pollution, they give back oxygen and they all need to be protected.


Felling trees at such an alarming rate must put doubts into people’s heads about how serious Labour run Trafford Council is about its so called ‘Climate Emergency’ and anything green! not only are they ripping up our trees, they are actively ripping up our green belt and green spaces!

The council saved a green space at Crossford Bridge whilst helping its greener image a little, we have to look elsewhere to see that was just a token gesture! They approved housing developments in Partington on green belt land, and green spaces and lots of it with a mass of trees felled and many were healthy.

Trees on Broadway all gone! Trees on Hall lane and Mancheseter Ship Canal sidings all gone! a right of way lost! woodland on Chapel Lane gone, Trees on Homelands Road in Sale cut down, Altrincham was hit the hardest, we expected some upset in the Green Party, they were silent.

Green space at Clarendon Road in Sale could soon be ripped up making way for a hockey and football pitch simply because Trafford College in Timperley wants to build housing at the back which means the car park and the football pitch will be lost.

We had a long chat with a expert tree cutter and he told us that he did not want to be cutting them down, he went on to say “The tree cutting is a government thing and the council cannot do much about it” we asked about 5G and informed him about how 5G works, he did not go on to say it was because of 5G, however could see the connection since both tree felling and 5G is a Government thing.

Interestingly he told us about a selection of trees he looks after, he told us that during 2019 before the Pandemic the trees would be full of dark sap, like a black sludge, during the pandemic with no aircraft or traffic the leaves were green and no black sludge was see.

This is proof trees help clean up our polluted air! it was great talking to this individual who did not want to be named fearing he might end up out of a job.

We take you back in time when Leader of the council Andrew Western said live on the councils own YouTube channel “The poor air quality in Greater Manchester is killing people” and more and yet he continues to watch our trees vanish! It is no good planting young trees when it will take up to 30 years to make any difference, something the tree destroyer confirmed.

We have lots of trees in Trafford, its not going to hit us now! with the out of control tree cutting going on, it wont be long before the effects start making an impact on all our lives, not only pollution will kill more people, we will have to put up with more electromagnetic radiation in the environment something we can guarantee you will hit you and your family harder in the next year or so.

We ask you for the sake of you and your children, your lovable pet and the wildlife around you to find a way of getting the council to stop cutting down healthy trees with immediate effect, to halt 5G and to switch off the 5G masts already switched on, you can also join the group ‘Trafford Residents against 5G’ which has lots of information and updates.