Micheal Billington and Bob Potts

Epona Publishing is proud to announce the publication of a quirky side of Urmston history book . The publication date is set for 1st May 2021.

Both Michael Billington and Bob Potts are experienced authors and this current book is, in effect, the sequel to Michael’s book The Story of Urmston, Flixton and Davyhulme published by The History Press in 2018.

Cover of book

Michael, a retired primary school teacher, was born in Urmston and spent his childhood in Davyhulme; Bob was born and bred in Flixton.

Here we take a look at the quirkier side of life in the area over the last hundred years and beyond. Who has heard of Lillicrap’s Hone? Or Leeming’s concrete incinerator in the shape of a tree trunk? Why did the local bobby pay children for sparrows’ heads and crows’ legs? Who was the Davyhulme Yank? What are the “Seven Sisters”? Where was the concrete map of England and Wales? What was Push Plough Field? Who was Tim Bobbin? What was a “tin tabernacle”? And what is the connection between Hollywood actor George Coulouris (star of Citizen Cane and Murder on The Orient Express) and Urmston?

Price £15.99 and available from Urmston Bookshop, Flixton Road, online at http://www.eponarecords.com and on ebay and from the author.

Sadly Bob Potts passed away in February 2021 and the book is dedicated to him and it is to be hoped that his invaluable contribution to the book will serve as a testament to his passion and dedication for local history.

There is a list of subscribers and interested readers can contact the author to be included in this list. For further details contact …..

Michael Billington. 07772318058 m.billington90@btinternet.com