Hayys Lane School: Google

A 20 metre 5G phase 8 monopole operated by EE and Three could be installed outside a junior school in Timperley if planning permission is granted.

The school ‘Hays Lane Primary’ on Woodhouse Lane East already has a 4G monopole and children will be exposed to the higher radiation levels in that area.

Looking at the wider area nothing comes close to the height of the mast and so would be in direct conflict with planning requirements that it must not be over bearing and make the place look bad, and this mast does both.

The EMF’s in that area will increase as will radiation levels, even though it is non-ionising it still becomes a problem as ICNIRP (International Commision of Non Ionising Protection) have never said it is a safe technology in any documents read.

We cannot allow 5G near a school and this proposed mast with many very large cabinets is right on top of it alongside another mast and we ask you all even if you do not live in the area to object.

Object now! using 104108/TEL/21 in the subject line and your objections to development.management@trafford.gov.uk or login on the planning portal.