Bridgewater Canal tow path at Stretford: Google

A man was robbed at knife point near the M60 bridge on the Bridgewater Canal tow path in Stretford

The incident occurred during the afternoon on 20 April 2021 when the man was confronted by two young males who then threatened him with a knife and took his bike a Voodoo mountain bike.

Voodoo Boker bike stolen

Fortunately the victim was unhurt and was able to call for help and alerted police.

Crime on the tow path is fairly common these days since police have no manpower to patrol as often as they would like due to government cut backs, some residents feel that CCTV is the answer, this though would have to be payed for by a skint council.

If you are going on the Bridgewater Canal we suggest to keep your eyes peeled, being aware of your environment will help you see something before it happens which means you can often avoid any problems.

Any information about the incident on the canal tow path please call 101 or use the chat facility on the GMP website