We now have in all the results from Trafford and after a huge wait due to pandemic delays it is Labour who won the day, Green Party remains strong in Altrincham and almost won in Hale Central, it was a close call in Brooklands as Chris Boyes hangs on and is re-elected.

A huge reduction in votes for Labour in Bucklow St Martins ward a Labour stronghold is now dwindling and despite the win for James Wright, a message has been given by the residents of Partington and Carrington who have been badly represented for decades, had the Tories, Greens or Lib Dems, even a Independent challenged Labour proper we would have seen a different outcome and Labour left flapping.

Remember also about who is going to be Mayor of Manchester! we should find out the result over the weekend and we will update this article when the result is known, we can say that over 70,000 people here in Trafford voted.

Here then are the results for all wards in Trafford:

Altrincham: Green Party 2,387, Tories 1,227, Labour 567, Lib Dems 93: Geraldine Coggins is re-elected (GREEN HOLD)

Ashton on Mersey: Labour 1,938, Tories 1.722, Green Party 314, Lib Dems 122: Shona Jane Gilbert Labour elected (LAB GAIN)

Bowdon: Conservative Mussadak Mirza 1,814, Conservative Micheal Whetton 1,763, Green Party Bridget Green 684, Labour Thomas Hague 672, Labour Charles Mayer 471, Green Party Martin Skelton 331, Lib Dems Ludo t Cleaver 226, LIb Dems Mario Miniaci 216: Con Hold and Gain)

Broadheath: Labour 2,260, Tories 1.708, Green Party 319, Lib Dems 216, Independent 120: Denise Western re-elected (LAB HOLD)

Brooklands:Conservative 1,894, Labour 1,875, Green Party 255, Lib Dems 206 Chris Boyes is re-elected (CON HOLD)

Bucklow St Martins: Labour 1,244, Tories 585, Green Party 147, Lib Dems 87: James Wright is re-elected (LAB HOLD)

Clifford: Labour 2,650, Green Party 469, Tories 254, Lib Dems 103: Waseem Hassan is re-elected (LAB HOLD)

Davyhulme East: Labour 1,882, Tories 1,467, Green Party 172, Lib dems 107: Jill Axford elected (LAB GAIN)

Davyhume West: Labour 1,837, Conservative 1,378, Green Party 146, Lib Dems 81: Sue Maitland is elected (LAB GAIN)

Flixton: Labour Ged Carter 2,202, Labour Delories O’Sullivan 1,900, Conservative Susan Taylor 1,293, Conservative Gary Towers 871, Green Party Katrin Cotter 399, Green Party Alison Cavanagh 280, Lib Dems Timothy Kinsella 179, Lib Dems Norman Sutherland 110, UKIP 75 (LAB GAIN & HOLD)

Gorse Hill: Labour 2.114, Conservative 513, Green Party 212, Lib Dems 140: Laurance Walsh is re-elected (LAB HOLD)

Hale Barns: Conservative 2,008, Labour 671, Green Party 337, Lib Dems 231: John Myres is re-elected (CON HOLD)

Hale Central: Conservative 1,499, Green Party 1,307, Lib Dems 737, Labour 415: Daniel Chalkin is elected (CON HOLD)

Longford: Labour Sarah Haughey 2,470, Labour Judith LLoyd 2,072, Green Party Jennie Wadsworth 517, Green Party Margaret Westbrook 435, Conservative Lijo John 433, Conservative Daniel May 409, Lib Dems Anna Fryer 387, Lib Dems Mark Campion 210: Sarah Haughey elected and Judith LLOyd is re-elected (LAB HOLD and Gain)

Priory: Labour Barry Brotherton 2,202, Labour Louise Dagnall 1,981, Conservative Rob Duncan 1,043, Conservative Simon Stonehill 778, Green Party Nick Brown 440, Green Party Dave Turner 367, Lib Dems Briony Stephenson 173, Lib Dems David Kierman 166, Democratic Network 42: Barry Brotherton re-elected and Louise Dagnall is elected (LAB HOLD and Gain)

Sale Moor: Labour 1,812, Conservative 971, Green Party 268, Lib Dems 128: Mike Freeman is re-elected (LAB HOLD)

St Marys: Conservative 1,729, Labour 1,317, Green Party 235, Lib Dems 174, Woman’s Equality Party 134: John Holden Conservative is re-elected (CON HOLD)

Stretford: Labour 2,160, Conservative 625, Green Party 356, Lib Dems 72: Tom Ross is re-elected (LAB HOLD)

Timperley: Lib Dems 1,762, Conservative 1,528, Labour 799, Green Parrty 298: Jane Brophy is re-elected (LD HOLD)

Urmston: Labour 2,214, Conservative 1,101, Green Party 324, Lib Dems 147 Catherine Hynes is re-elected (LAB HOLD)

Village: Conservative 1,293, Lib Dems 1,028, Labour 901, Green Party 168: Linda Blackburn is re-elected (CON GAIN)