Police were called o a concern for welfare of a man from Old Trafford which occurred earlier this week.

The man who police saId was experiencing a mental health issue used a smashed piece of glass to cut his upper arm which began to bleed heavily and the cut in his arm needed urgent medical attention to stop the blood loss.

Further enquires made by police found the man had been taking drugs and that he had already been self harming.

Despite the serious cut on the mans arm he became very aggressive to both police and paramedics who were trying to give the man some help, he attempted to take the bandage of his arm.

Things did not improve and the man even tried to jump out of a window when officers grabbed him and paramedics continued to help the man before calming down and agreed to get help at a hospital to get a medical assessment.

Police not only deal with criminality, they also keep us safe and arrive at the time of need and it is this part of the job that is last to be thought about and this article shows how often our police force is so important to communities.