Andy Burnham

The people of Manchester went to poles to vote for not only the local elections but for who they wanted as the mayor of Manchester.

Manchester had to wait for the result and today we can confirm and congratulate Andy Burnham as the winner by a bigger majority than was expected.

The full result of the 2021 Greater Manchester Mayoral elections:

Andy Burnham (Labour) – 473, 024

Laura Evans (Conservative) – 137, 753

Jane Horrocks (Green Party) – 30,699

Simon Lepori (Lib Dems) – 22, 373

Nick Buckley (Reform UK) – 18,910

Stephen Morris (English Democrats) – 9,488

Jonathan Farmer (Independent) – 6,448

John Sutcliffe (Independent) – 2,182

Alec Marvel (Independent) – 1,907

Winner Andy Burnham who is now heavily tipped to become the next Labour Party leader as current Labour leader Keir Starmer starts to blame everyone else for the poor results u and down the country as Labour slips even further down the grid.

Starmer has sacked Angela Rayner tonight, it will be the final nail in the coffin for Starmer who never gave Labour a push in the right direction, instead he pushed them over a cliff and now the organisation is further sunk as the sacking of Rayner will lead to resignations.

This day though despite all what is going on belongs to Andy Burnham who will now continue to be the Mayor of Greater Manchester.