Liverpool John Lennon Airport

British Healthcare company Salutaris People, which provides rapid PCR testing at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, has reported a 10-fold surge in bookings for its rapid PCR tests.

The unprecedented demand has been triggered by a number of passengers who had originally booked subsidised PCR tests through airlines and package holiday operators.

After using self-administered postal PCR tests, their results had been returned as ‘unclear’ from the laboratories. Other passengers had reported delays in receiving their test results, which had prompted them to take a secondary PCR test to avoid missing their scheduled flights and holidays. 

Passengers who were due to take flights and depart for holidays within days had to book secondary PCR tests through Salutaris People at the company’s test suites at Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Wilmslow. Passengers received their results within 24 hours, enabling them to catch their flights. An ‘unclear’ test result is when a PCR test does not indicate either a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ test result and is returned inconclusive from the laboratory. 

Ben Paglia

Ben Paglia MD of AKEA Life, who are the clinical testing partners to Salutaris People, said.

‘We have experienced a surge in the last two weeks, which has been due to a number of airline passengers booking secondary PCR tests with us. Many of those have come from passengers who have booked flights with airlines and package holiday operators. They have been sent PCR postal kits, which are self-administered. These test results have come back as “unclear” from the laboratories.  This means they were not clear to fly and needed to take a second PCR test. We have been able to provide secondary PCR tests to those people with their results back in 24 hours from our test suites at Liverpool and Wilmslow. 

‘Unclear test results can occur for two reasons. More often than not, this is down to the test being self-administered by the public and not carried out by a trained healthcare professional. The secondary reason is down to the way in which the tests are transported to the lab, which can also affect the test result. With the airlines and travel companies using postal PCR test kits, there is the continued risk of more incidents like this occurring. This not only creates a further cost for the passenger with secondary testing, but also creates uncertainty over whether the test result will come back unclear.’  

Salutaris People has trained healthcare professionals who administer PCR tests in person at its Liverpool and Wilmslow test suites, where test results can be processed immediately at the onsite laboratory. This means test results are done in record time and there are no delays in the postal or courier system. Most importantly as the tests are carried out by healthcare professionals, the risk of  ‘unclears’ is minimised, which ultimately saves the airline passenger inconvenience and having to pay for secondary testing.

Paglia added: 

‘Unfortunately, the test providers and the laboratories will not offer a refund to a customer when an “unclear” test is confirmed. In the unlikely event of that happening – where a person has attended the Salutaris test suite for a rapid PCR test and an “unclear” was produced – we would naturally refund the customer or provide a second test free of charge. 

‘By having a rapid PCR test administered by a trained healthcare professional minimises the risk of “unclear” test results, guarantees your results and also ensures no delays to your flight or holiday as a result of your PCR test.’  

Salutaris People provides the rapid PCR testing service in partnership with Test Assurance Group (TAG) and Liverpool John Lennon Airport. The company has a purpose-built private test suite with onsite laboratory, which is located adjacent to the airport in an existing overflow car park. The Salutaris service is effectively door to door. It will allow any airline passenger to book their test online with a choice of location to take the test either at Wilmslow or the Liverpool John Lennon Airport test suite. Free car parking is provided right next to the test suites. Passengers have their test administered by trained healthcare staff in a matter of minutes, with results back in 24 hours or less, depending on whether a normal 24-hour or 3-hour express service is booked. 

Ross Tomkins MD of Salutaris People said:

‘We are able to offer airlines passengers a seamless and professional experience with PCR testing that is hassle-free from a trusted and reliable healthcare provider, who won’t delay your flight or holiday plans. 
‘Passengers can follow three simple steps by simply logging online and booking a test through our partners Test Assurance Group. The test can be booked for either our Liverpool airport or Wilmslow clinic. Parking is provided free right outside our test suites and the PCR test is administered in a matter of minutes by our trained healthcare professionals. Depending on the service booked, the results are returned either on a 3-hour express service or within 24-hours. As our laboratories are on site, this means testing can be done efficiently and quickly, and prevents delays in test results. The last thing that an airline passenger needs to be worrying about is, “Will my test results be delayed? Or will the test results come back unclear, which means another test and more costs?”

The three-stage process to booking a Salutaris People PCR test.

Stage 1: Passengers book a slot through Salutaris/TAG opting for either a 3-hour express service or 24 hours via

Stage 2: Passengers travel to Liverpool John Lennon Airport or Wilmslow and drive up to the Salutaris People /TAG test suite with free car parking right outside the buildings.

Stage 3: A trained healthcare staff member will administer the PCR test in minutes. Results  are then returned within 3-hours or 24-hours and a Fit To Fly certificate is emailed.

The Salutaris People service is offered to all passengers flying from either Liverpool John Lennon Airport or Manchester Airport, but is also open to airline passengers who live in Liverpool, North Wales and Cheshire and who may be flying from other UK airports to their holidays. 

The healthcare company ison the UK Government’s approved list of Covid-19 test providers. Salutaris People will have 5 clinics operating by mid-June as air travel restrictions are gradually lifted under the traffic light system.  Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Wilmslow in Cheshire are operational, while Newcastle Upon Tyne, Stockton-On-Tees and Sunderland will be launching shortly.  Both the Liverpool and Wilmslow sites will provide Covid-19 testing for airline passengers wishing to fly from Manchester Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport.