Vodafone 5G coverage in Partington: Vodafone UK

The first UK mobile network to bring 5G to Partington will be Vodafone which is planned in the next 3 months according to the network coverage map.

It seems the signal will be coming from Irlam to the north west of Manchester Ship Canal, the signal will be best around the Hall Lane area of the village.

Although we know many people are against 5G some are actually looking forward to a high speed experience on the internet, we are aware that Partington has poor broadband speeds with some homes are still using copper wire, even if people had fibre optic cables 5G would bury it for speed.

We expect EE to be next to offer some coverage to Partington and then O2 who next month is going to increase its 5G presence in Trafford by around 60%.

Of course having 5G in your area comes with it nasty side effects, many of which we have warned you about, and you can read more information on the Facebook page Trafford Residents against 5G’.

We would love the support of Partington political and Parish Councillors to ban 5G masts who we know are concerned about 5G.