Harboro way in Sale: Google

Residents around the Harboro Way area of Sale are feeling happier today after a 5G mast was refused by Trafford Council yesterday.

The 20 metre Three-UK mast application was thrown in the bin after it got over 100 objections and even a petition with hundreds of names were added, two councillors also added objections.

Trafford Council refused because of where the mast was to go up, and also being bigger than everything else it would have looked horrible.

Many residents are also aware of the health issues that ICNIRP themselves have said in the latest guidelines where anything up to 6GHz radiation gets through the skin, a child skin is much thinner than an adult, ICNIRP also has not once said anything about our animals and wildlife.

Residents will be reminded to keep objecting as more mast applications will be added this year, we are aware Three-UK are looking at a potential site on Oak Road in Partington on a path that is very narrow! and too close to residential area and playgrounds.

One member of the Facebook group ‘Trafford residents against 5G said: “Isn’t it weird that all these 5G masts are being planned to go up near a school or a playground.” This is a very good point.

Please join Trafford residents against 5G on Facebook to learn about the latest mast applications and any work mobile phone mast engineers are doing in Trafford.