A new local streetwear brand is on the hunt for young designers to contribute to its upcoming range.

FORmE, a brand launched to promote positivity and self-confidence, is looking for creative students to produce a design for a T-Shirt or sweatshirt, which will then go on sale this year.

There will be a £1000 cash prize for the winning entry and there’s also the potential for the winner to join the FORmE design team on an internship.

FORmE is launching to combat the growingly shallow nature of social media, promoting the notion of a look being for the wearer, rather than for likes on social media and the approval of others.

Daniel Watson, founder of FORmE, said: ‘Teenagers and young adults are typically most exposed to the negative aspects of social media and I’d love for them to help others build the confidence to be completely who they are, without feeling the need to conform to social stereotypes.

‘There is so much talent on offer among people of that age and I want to tap into that, giving someone the opportunity to kickstart their career while making a positive difference.’

The wording on FORmE clothing is written in reverse, only making sense when looking in the mirror, serving as a much-needed reminder to always do and wear what makes you happy.

Many FORmE pieces will be limited edition so each product is as special as the individual wearing it.

For more information and to register interest, please contact