Mnchester Road in Carrington:Google

You may have read some place about some Carrington residents complaining about traffic vibrations and pollution issues along Manchester Road.

Traffic will create vibration problems more so on such a big road with increased traffic levels nothing much can be done about it, and things will not get any better as the population rise of both Carrington and Partington in the near future will mean even more traffic and pollution.

Partington will be hit hardest in the next couple of years or so as housing developments the size of a small city are completed, with only one road in or out we expect major congestion for the entire length of Manchester Road.

Standing traffic for hours the pollution levels will rise sharply which with industry around them that already pollutes the air things are going to get very unhealthy,

Trafford Council continues to tell the people they are a green council, one of the first council’s to declare a ‘Climate Emergency’ yet the irony of it all is that same council has done very little to tackle this problem, it has actually caused and will cause more pollution due to its insistence on building more homes and apartments.

We do have a housing crisis in Trafford however to build these huge housing developments common sense must tell you before anything is built what it will mean for existing and new residents, looking at a range of things that will make things easier for residents and less toxic, none of this has happened, no one has looked at anything.

Carrington residents have the right to complain, however they will be much better off even when all the houses and businesses are built, they only have to travel about 400 yards or so and they are out of the congestion, we expect after the morning rush Carrington Lane and Mile Road will be clear.

Parrtington and indeed Warburton residents will have no chance of getting in or out once everything is built, what are they going to do? what about emergency services during peak times? one resident in Partington once told us “We will need a helicopter service here soon” she has a good point.

For this moment Carrington residents affected by the vibration can install vibration dampeners in the home, it will make things a tad better.