On Wednesday 6 May 2020 an incident took place in Stretford where officers stopped a vehicle being driven at high speed on Chester Road.

Following the vehicle stopping the incident escalated and officers deployed a taser and arrested the driver. He has since been convicted of offences arising from his actions.

The officers concerned in the incident have been subject to an IOPC investigation, and following this process the IOPC have concluded that there was no misconduct, and the officers responded proportionately.

Chief Constable Stephen Watson said: “The officers did what I would expect of them in stopping the vehicle and they conducted themselves professionally and proportionately. They made decisions under what were clearly very difficult circumstances, they faced resistance from the driver involved, their response was measured and resulted in a successful conviction.

“The presence of an innocent child in this scenario is particularly regrettable, although this too is due to the actions of the offending motorist. The officers took immediate steps to care for the child and took him to a family member’s home to be looked after.

“Where our officers misbehave they will be held accountable, but when they are doing their duty professionally they deserve our respect and support.

“Whilst we accept the IOPC has made comment in relation to GMP policies and training, it is always important to refresh and review operational training, and the support we provide to officers, and I will ensure these important matters are subject to ongoing and detailed scrutiny.”