Mnchester New Road Partington: Google

Partington could soon see a 20 metre 5G monopole installed if Trafford Council Planning Committee approve an application sent in by the Three-UK network.

The mast if approved will be placed next to a bus stop on Manchester New Road only a few yards away from the shopping centre, it will be overly dominant and out of character with the location due to the size and appearance.

Partington has one 5G mast already built on Chapel Lane, like almost every 5G mast approved or refused they have all been placed near schools or playgrounds.

The health issues are widely known now and ICNIRP (International Commission of non-ionising radiation protection) cannot be trusted to be giving the world any safety assurances, reading the guidelines nothing is mentioned about children, pets or wildlife! This is a fact!

Our political representatives have been very quiet about the health issues that will affect many people and our pets and wildlife, a reason for this can only be speculative at best, we prefer to say its down to the amount of money the council is stand to make which could be worth a lot of money a year and likely incentives for every councillor to keep quiet.

We do not want to peck heads, however we are fully aware political representatives have a moral duty to protect the best interests of the general public, we urge them to halt 5G roll out with immediate effect until they can find documents proving this technology is safe (And they will never find it anywhere)

Technology must continue to advance, no one here has any problem with that! we though expect it to be a safe technology and 5G is most definitely not.

Please Object by emailing anonymously the planning reference number which is 104840/TEL/21 then in the subject box your objections, send to

You can also get the latest information by joining Trafford residents against 5G on Facebook, where you can ask any questions you have on 5G including help with objecting.