Charcoal Grill in Partington: Google

Evidence of mouse droppings were found by environmental health inspectors on the floor of a takeaway in Partington.

Through a freedom of information request for the inspectors report on Charcoal Grill Fish Bar on Smithy Lane in Partington it said evidence of mouse droppings were found on the floor and a deep clean was needed.

The takeaway was ordered to remove all unused equipment and materials and to call out pest control, all holes must be filled in at the premisis.

Some learning was required through a thing called ‘Safer Food Better Business which can be downloaded, the inspector found no guard for the dough roller and they had no hand drying at the toilet wash basin.

A thermometer was needed to check cooked food temperature.

We noted they were a 3 rating for a while and was dropped to a 1 food hygiene rating due to the above issues, however soon after they were promoted to a 5 which is the best you can get, we have never seen this before at any takeaway or restaurant.

This is a mega turn around for the takeaway which many people use and not just from Partington!, they have always had tasty meals and some of the best Donner kebabs around, and are now a truly safe place to eat from.