Yesterday, Thursday 8 July 2021, a team of 15 GMP officers, PCSOs and Specials undertook a one-day, proactive day of action in the city centre, to educate the public on the use of e-scooters and seize those which were being used illegally, to ensure everyone’s safety on public roads.

E-scooter popularity has increased over the past year and due to out dated laws a E-scooter is classed as a personal light vehicle and because of this many people fall foul of the laws.

You can ride and E-scooter on private land with the owners permission however you cannot ride one of these scooters on public land and roads, if you are caught by police they will probably take your scooter which if you have paid for it will mean £300 or more going down the drain.

E-scooters are a sustainable way to get around, they are good fun if used in the right way and they get you about faster than many cycles, however some people use them in a way that puts the user and others at risk of serious injury or even death.

Police took 23 scooters that they believed was being used illegally and educated people around the regulations that are in place, it could be in the near future E-scooters will be allowed on cycle lanes and other places, we are aware of ongoing trials taking place in Salford and Rochdale with a thing called ‘The Lime Scooter’ which is a step in the right direction.

Inspector Jon Shilvock, from GMP’s Roads Policing Unit, said: “We are aware of the increase in popularity in e-scooters, however they are classified as personal light electric vehicles by the Department of Transport and as such the regulations for owning and using them must be enforced to ensure the safety of everyone using our roads and public footpaths.

“Today is not only about taking illegal e-scooters off the roads, but engaging with people and making sure they understand what the rules are. This was one targeted day of action in the city centre, however our officers will be remaining vigilant and taking the appropriate if and when they see e-scooters being used illegally in Greater Manchester, we will also be working with retailers to ensure they inform potential buyers of the rules surrounding e-scooter use.”