With every planning meeting for as long as we can remember Partington always gets thrown under a bus,

The vote to approve a 26+ acre of land to a developer who wanted to install 5 mega sized units and huge lorry bays just off Manchester Road, was 11 for and 2 against.


In documents read this could mean up to 70 huge lorry’s turning up and leaving every hour of the day once the development is operational, and only one road in and one road out, this is before Heath Farm and Broadway will be built, including 48 apartments on land where the Greyhound Pub used to be.

Other housing developments like the one on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal and at the back of Hall Lane will be a while before they are done, 79 on Oak Road, lots of activity off Chapel Lane where acres of vegetation was chopped down cannot be ignored.

For the moment everything is as it should be, things though will change fast and we are telling people to get some planning done for when you will not be able to get in or out of the place, since how are deliveries going to be made to your shops? what about Amazon and other parcels?

Nothing will get in, what about the emergency services? anyone think about that? yes! a new small road called the Carrington Relief Road might help, we say might! councillors cannot even tell people it will even happen yet! and even when if it ever does it will make no difference.

No one thinks about that huge new Carrington village only a mile or so down that same road, what do you think will happen then? sure we have heard of 4 new roads being planned none of which will help Partington residents.

Sinderland Lane will be the only route out of the place and that route everyone will be using and so will also be jammed on a daily basis.