Lock Lane closure

Pic Darren Marsden

As if Partington needed anymore houses! this housing development on the banks of Manchester Ship Canal and where a traveller camp once used to be has been on the application list for many years.

Peel holdings who own this land found it hard to get someone in to plan it all out and then build it, and up pops Countryside Homes, those lovely people got the approval a couple of times and have now churned up lots of the land at the back of Lock Lane.

From 22 July to 2 September one part of Lock Lane will be closed from just before the primary school heading west and heading east just before Birch Road.

Work underway

Pic Darren Marsden

The plan is to build over 450 homes in a hybrid scheme with the loss of a footpath, and green belt that the leader of the council is so happy about saving! well sadly Partington was not included in his plans.

Countryside Homes are to give money to shut people up about the lack of primary school places this money will do nothing to help, existing residents do not have to worry, its the new people who will struggle, those that have children will have no alternative but to head out towards Warrington and Salford.

In a desperate situation the delay of knocking down Moss View Road School might be a much needed one, although only small it will be helpful, using any free buildings big enough must also be looked at to minimise problems.

The problems on the roads could be managed by a road scheme where traffic is held for a while until the traffic in front is cleared and this will although will mean delays, it won’t be half as bad, ideas like this are needed now so things can be put in place to ease the significant problems looming for the area.