Free kebab to get a jab!

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We all know now about the misleading statistics right through the pandemic now the government have gone one further and is now offering all types of things so people will get vaccinated.

A free kebab or other fast food with every jab is one way of getting younger people to get vaccinated for us its making the entire thing a complete joke, if people do not want to be vaccinated then that is a right of that individual to refuse it, the same as any jab that is offered.

With the misleading statistics and professors and leading scientist throughout the pandemic claiming a range of things telling the public the statistics were wrong and the government had been telling fibs all this time you might question why would you need the vaccination for? more so our young people.

With the statistics all wrong many thousands of people died more so in care homes throughout last year we and other were telling people about the scam where tens of thousands of people had died not from Covid but was labelled has having died from it which would have inflated the death rate.

The government are telling the public the vaccines are what has given us this freedom! maybe so! however does anyone really know if it has or not? does anyone really know what it is doing to someone or what it will do? we have asked these questions and no one has an answer.

We are not saying not to be taking the vaccine, after all you will get free things for doing so! it is your decision and that is right, similarly it is your decision to say no, and it seems at this time that right is being eroded by an out of control insane government that must never get back into power again.

Labour are the only opposition, and they have not done very much, often letting things through the backdoor when in other times they would have stopped everything and looked at what dreadful things the Tories were doing, we have little opposition due in part because of Keir Starmer! who Labour really needs to boot out.

Enjoy your freebie from this useless government just remember you cannot take anyone to the cleaners if something goes wrong, and so far thousands of people have died, and many more have had nasty side effects something you rarely got with any other vaccine since they went through the right trials and took years to develop,