New fencing in Orange proposed to be installed

A new 2.5m (8.2ft) is proposed to replace existing fences at the back of Broadoak High School and around the side near the sports centre in Partington.

The new higher fence will go up from Chapel Lane at the entrance of the trail all around past the harmful 5G and 4G masts, a new gate will be built to the entrance of the sports centre and more new fencing will go around and up to the tennis courts, another bit of high fencing is proposed to go up at the car park near to houses to the right of the sports centre which will mean people will no longer be able to cut through to the sports centre.

The new gate at the entrance from Cross Lane West will have a width of 16.2ft and 8ft tall if the proposals are approved at Trafford planning.

Fencing will be the type shown in the picture.

Looking at the plans we hope that the new fencing near to Cross Lane West will have an opening so people can cut through as blocking this entrance could see some people get a little bit frustrated.

You can see the full planning application by using 104826/FUL/21 in Trafford Planning search.