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We all need to get training in the Martial Arts, it is even more important than at any other time in our history and we fully recommend you get training in any martial art.

The one technique though they may not teach you is the one you need the most and one that can be used by women and even young people, its called “The Fence”.

A well known doorman and martial artist Geoff Thompson shows you how to do this technique below:

The fence is a simple yet effective technique to keep you safe and anyone can learn this, put anything in between you and a potential attacker to give you the space, this space must be kept, sometimes though and sadly you do not get this chance.

Having the space though can help you to escape, gives you that time to talk down someone or the space to throw a lethal snap kick which in most cases would end a fight.

Self defence for women is very important, we have done articles on this before, and using the fence technique can be used by anyone, even if you are disabled! put something in front of you to create a gap, that moment can help calm someone down and see sense.

Using talk down tactics works a great deal with the fence, to do this requires one vital ingredient and that is calmness, to remain calm can be difficult however if your breathing is good you should be fine, tell them things you would not normally say such as “I know you are a decent guy everyone knows that so its alright” that will throw him for 6.

To continue the tactic when he gets a second wind or even a third wind is vital, once he sees you are calm thee energy will go and he will also calm down in a normal situation.

The fence is a good one when someone is trying to put locks or arm bars on you, videos showing insane officers in Australia are frustrating, when all they had to do is put up a fence, they would not know what to do, common sense tactics needs to be applied from everyone not aggression.

Using the fence also means you are complying with everything, no one gets hurt, no one gets into any trouble and all leaves the scene happy which is what everyone wants in a sticky situation.