Military transporter over Trafford

Pic and cover pic: Darren Marsden

Many people will already be aware about the UK MOD (Ministry of Defence) sprayed Zinc cadmium sulfide in the air and at lower levels all over everyone from 1954 to 1964.

What many won’t know is at the same time the US and Canada was also spraying Zinc cadmium sulfide over many people we have also seen India’s name crop up in these experiments.

At the time it was the cold war, fear of a biological attack was very real and trials to see what would happen to the general public if they were subject to a carcinogenic substance were done from aircraft, from cars and even from ships, no one escaped this substance.

The results of which proved Zinc cadmium sulfide was found in 57% of [people’s lungs, and some people had the substance in the kidneys and liver.

With no one knowing anything until decades later when the MOD opened up about the secret experiment could this tyrannical lunatic government do the same thing again?

Biological attack from China and terrorists are very real in today’s world.

Was Covid part of this experiment and they used China as a distraction? even if you do not believe this could be possible we ask you to think about the ease of what they did back in 1954, with technology advancing out of control they could do something crazy with even more stealth.

The answers to how Covid came about will of course come out one day, it could be anything from animals to a deliberate attempt to kill everyone from a bio lab in Wuhan, we cannot shrug off anyone’s ideas of what has happened, and the idea of being sprayed continues to itch us.

Remembering this is an article to try and find out what happened, lets look at a couple of things, every day last year since the pandemic was called by a corrupt World Health Organisation we witnessed military aircraft over the skies in Manchester, people were saying they were bringing PPE and other things.

We can confirm from our research hardly any military aircraft landed, they did a thing called ‘Touch and go’ where it came into land, the wheels hit the ground but then it would go back up again, could they have been doing something we will only get to know about in the next couple of decades?

Covid-19 was a bad disease and you should get vaccinated (On your terms) people died and many others died of other things then labelled as having died of Covid which inflated the figures making more people scared to a paranoid point they are still hiding under the bed clothes!

The purpose of this article was not only to inform you of what happened also to give you something to think about, that might have happened, can you trust this government? can anyone from the US trust Biden who (with respect) should be in a care home, what about the Australians? they put a capital D in draconian with an out of control police force, they are simply a disgrace from what we have seen.

Anything is possible these days and we ask you to keep an open mind as to what is happening.

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