To improve cycling and walking infrastructure in Trafford you are invited to take part in consultations on two crossings in the borough.


In Trafford, the proposed crossings are:

  • Implementing a new controlled walking and cycling crossing across Dunham Road at the junction with Gorsey Lane, Altrincham.
  • Upgrading the crossing facilities at the junction of Shaftesbury Avenue and Aimson Road East, Timperley, providing walking and cycling facilities on all arms creating a Cycle Optimised Protected Signals (CYCLOPS) style junction.

Councillor Stephen Adshead, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Environmental and Regulatory Services, said: “Making the borough a greener and safer place is a major priority for Trafford Council and this scheme, if approved, will help contribute to this by taking cars off the roads.

“We are committed to supporting schemes which allow more people to walk and cycle safely across our borough. This will of course lead to cleaner air and huge health benefits for residents.”

We would like to have our say and tell Mr Adshead that Trafford is not a greener borough, its heading for an environmental disaster with pollution to increase significantly as soon as next year as many housing developments are completed more so in the Partington area.

The promise by the council to rip up green belt to be able to give even more land to a housing developer means even more cars and vans on our roads which also means more traffic jams and even less safety for cyclists and walkers/Runners.

It is great new cycling infrastructure is being thought about, of course much more is needed, if we can get it all built by 2023 cycling will be much safer, just don’t throw away the gas masks!