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According to the UK government and scientists whispering nonsense into its ears are now going to be vaccinating our children which has sparked big debates online.

The pandemic is clearly not over and the government wants everyone including children to be vaccinated, if you are a parent the choice would be yours, however we have to look at the wider picture here, healthy children and young adults have super strong immune systems and can overcome this virus or any virus.


They do not need a vaccine simply because even if they get this bug they will only have a small illness, like a cold maybe even flu symptoms at worse, of course like the flu some kids go on to get pneumonia and sadly science cannot save them and they die.

So what will it mean for the immunity of a child or young adult if they have the jab? does anyone really know? you see we have researched this, watched many hours of footage and not one scientific advisor, not one doctor can say for sure what is going to happen, and no one can take big pharma or the government to the cleaners for any injury or death.

In the past months we have seen footage of scientific advisers saying children or young adults should not be taking the vaccine, so why the change?

Vaccination is nothing new, all of us have had some vaccination at one time or another, we take it because its the right thing to do, we take it because we have trust in those that make it and the government and NHS to protect us, vaccines take a very long time to make, this one was no more than 6 to 7 months if that!

Emergency use powers is a bit of wording to shield the government from wrong doing, its highly dangerous thing to be doing and the vaccines has already killed tens of thousands of people around the world and harmed many others.

The decision is yours and that is correct, we though hope you will take a step back, look at the evidence before you and make a decision, in the end though this tyrannical useless out of control government could be going that step further and making vaccines mandatory which could cause civil warfare like we have never seen before.