UK will experience more flooding

Pic: Darren Marsden

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Already 2021 has been a crazy year with uncertainty over Covid and now worries over the world’s climate which is a tad grumpy these days to say the least.

Wildfires currently sweeping Athens and Turkey, and many fires are seen in the western parts of the US, more fires in the Amazon rain forest which we all know has been done deliberate with no real effort to tackle the blazes by corrupt political people who have put profit before health.


The UK has also seen some wild weather of late, really warm weather for a couple of weeks and then weather we normally have in the Autumn months has hit us with thunderstorms and wind.

The answers people always come up with is “Its because of Climate Change” well maybe! lets though keep our minds open to other things more natural, you see and its factual the sun is going through a thing called a solar cycle and has been very busy of late causing disruptions on earth.

Athens on fire

Pic: Telegraph YT channel

We are not saying its the reason for all of what many of us are going through at this time, ilthough could be a part of the reason and cannot be ignored.

Other natural events could be occurring, the Earth is an amazing planet, it will do whatever it wants to do and humanity cannot do anything about it, maybe its had enough of humans destroying it, sure! we have done so much harm to the only planet we can live on! maybe it needs to give itself a make over just for it to survive.

In the way are humans! and we take for granted just about everything, with money and power being the most important things, we forget about everything else, using the planet like something we own, we do not own this planet! no one does! we just happen to be on it.

Our oceans are full of plastic, the air so toxic thousands of people die even at ground level all over the world, we once used to say “The sea air is the best air” not anymore the air is full of particulates that fishermen need to be wearing masks to protect themselves from lung damage.

We are killing trees, healthy trees even here in Trafford, our politicians have no answers when quizzed about it! these are the lungs of the world and they are chopping them down! then the council claims they are a green type of party and care about the environment.

So is this Climate Change or something else? we believe its a bit of both, the fires hitting Athens right now is bad and we hope they get it sorted out and even ask for help from other countries if they are overwhelmed, could this be natural? the heat in Athens has been much warmer and its believed has come a month earlier.

The sun is strongest in the summer months, and Athens gets this type of weather every year, they do have fires although not on the scale as this year, can we blame humanity for this?

One thing we are sure of is we need to bring forward the health of the planet as a priority over everything else, if we do not and continue to destroy the earth then we have only one thing to look forward to and its not pretty!

Human fingers would be pointing to the leaders of the world, the puppet master council leaders and the sneaky powerless ego fuelled councillors at the bottom of the shit heap for doing nothing, and ultimately they will be affected, the moment of no return, wide eyed leaders now fearing the worst hoping for another planet to destroy will save them.

Restoring our faith in such people could happen though! when at COP26 leaders can put the Earth first before money and power! any excuses to postpone because of Covid will not be accepted.