Oak Road Partington: Google

Partington Parish Council who only a few weeks ago sent in a statement to the council about its fears for health and safety has been shamed for not making any objections to a 5G mast that will affect just about everyone.

The huge 18 metre 5G mast could be built on a pavement on Oak Road in Partington will be seen for miles and expose just about everybody.

At the time of publishing the mast has only two objections and an objection from a ward member which was included in the networks own documents, we have at this time no information as to who that ward member was however he or she objected and in the wording which can be seen below tells of some concern:

Interesting statement regarding his or her concerns for health of the people of Partington and without question must be used to prove that even local ward members (Councillors) are actually very concerned about 5G and goes against the narrative.

We go one further than that and ask other councillors to submit objections in the same way if they do not want to be named.

Further down the road in Carrington another 5G mast could go up soon if Three are happy with the site they have been looking at in recent days!

For now we have the Parish Council and a ward member objecting on health grounds, this is a result for all of us who are concerned about 5G frequencies and the very fact that this is a government thing than a network one is a concern in itself.

You can stay up to date with all what is happening with 5G in Trafford with latest news and views on the Facebook group www.facebook.com/traffordresidentsagainst5g

You can object to the Oak Road mast by emailing development.management@trafford.gov.uk using application ref number 105133/TEL/21